The Wand STA Single Tooth Anesthesia® System is a game changing device that should be in every dental practice to reduce patient pain and anxiety associated with traditional anesthesia.  In addition to being able to deliver common injections such as IA blocks, the Wand STA can also enable clinicians to perform anesthesia on a single tooth with no collateral numbness.


Why Use The Wand STA?

Reduce Patient Anxiety & Increase Comfort
• 2 to 3 times less painful than manual injections, reduces patient anxiety*


Eliminates Collateral Numbness
• enabling patients to quickly return to work, reduces risk of post procedure trauma

Saves Time
• immediate onset of anesthesia with no need to leave the patient room,
   procedural time savings i.e.: bi-lateral mandibular treatment in 1 visit,
   restorative procedures can be done at time of assessment

Increases bottom line for your practice
• reduction in cancellations, increased referrals and differentiates your practice


*RDH Publication April 2021 Ann Marie DePalma

How Does It Work?

Pain experienced with injections is due to the pressure delivering the medication versus the needle itself. The STA Single Tooth Anesthesia System works by controlling the flow rate and pressure at the tip of the needle, allowing for precise and consistent delivery of local anesthesia below the patient’s pain threshold. Used for a wide variety of injections, it’s now possible to delivery local anesthesia through new injection techniques such as bi-rotational needle insertion, providing greater site accuracy and greater predictability for IA block injections,
as an example. Other injections include STA-Intraligamentary Modified PDL, Inferior Alveolar Blocks,
P-ASA Palatal, AMSA Palatal, Supra-Periosteal Infiltrations.


Education & Support

Andau Medical and Milestone will provide your Team with complimentary clinical training. This will include 3 virtual hands-on education sessions to support the entire Team with the implementation of the STA system into your clinical practice. The training will provide the team with a comprehensive clinical understanding and provide the knowledge and clinical skill to confidently perform all STA injections.