Prismatic Loupes 4.0x - 5.5x
  • Prismatic Loupes 4.0x - 5.5x

    Admetec Surgical Prismatic loupes offer magnifications of 4.0x, 4.8x & 5.5x. These loupes are available at various working distances, ranging from 350 to 500 mm. Ideal for surgeons who require higher magnifications for critical surgical procedures.


    The prismatic optical system produces a highly detailed image with crisp edge-to-edge clarity and precise color rendition, which is ideal for intricate surgeries. Admetec Prismatic system's lenses are treated with an anti-reflective coating to aid in producing this superior image.


    Available on a titanium frame, the high-definition optical system allows for extremely clean and crisp vision. Aesthetic beauty, perfection of design and acute visual performance, are the unique trademarks of Admetec products. Defined by those very same standards, our prismatic loupes are an exceptional product that combines materials that are strong and lightweight, so you can exercise your skills under optimal conditions and focus solely on the task at hand. 


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