Orchid Headlight
  • Orchid Headlight

    LED Light Illumination


    Admetec surgical and dental headlights provide a true white light that delivers superior brightness, sharpness, and field depth. 


    The ORCHID is Admetec's original headlight model, which is remarkable for being light weight while providing a powerful light beam.


    Both the original Orchid model and the new Orchid-F model are lightweight headlamps that generate a well-focused and shadow-free light. 


    The two models, the longstanding, the Orchid and the Orchid-F come equipped with a digital dimmer, a battery charge indicator, and of course, the Li- Ion polymer battery, to enable many hours of uninterrupted work. Admetec PowerLight models can be purchased with our own loupes, or can be used with loupes of other popular brands.


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