Orchid-F Headlight

Orchid-F Headlight

LED Light Illumination


Admetec surgical and dental headlights provide a true white light that delivers superior brightness, sharpness, and field depth. 


The ORCHID-F model is the first of its kind in the global market. This model's unique feature is the built-in yellow anti-curing filter, which can be switched on or off easily. 

A click of a button located on the battery pack is all it takes to add or remove the filter to suit your needs. Streamlining your work procedure to save you precious time and keep you focused on the task is Admetec's constant goal. 


The two models, the longstanding, the Orchid and the Orchid-F come equipped with a digital dimmer, a battery charge indicator, and of course, the Li- Ion polymer battery, to enable many hours of uninterrupted work. Admetec PowerLight models can be purchased with our own loupes, or can be used with loupes of other popular brands.


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