Galilean Loupes 2.5x - 3.2x
  • Galilean Loupes 2.5x - 3.2x

    TTL loupes are the best choice for personal use. 


    Designed to integrate ergonomics and efficiency, these loupes enable dentists and surgeons to work comfortably while maintaining ergonomic positioning of the neck and optimal posture. 


    Properly selected declination angle provides minimal forward head posture and less strain on the neck. Admetec TTL loupes are designed with the optimal declination angle for your convenience.


    Each pair of loupes is manufactured according to personal specifications, including interpupillary distance, working distance, and eyeglass prescription.


    • High quality Galilean binoculars installed into the loupes are extremely close to the eyes and therefore they provide a wide field of vision. 

    • These loupes are available at various working distances (the distance between a clinician's eye and a patient's mouth), customized to each user. 


    The TTL loupes are available on the following frames: 

    • Jazz frame 
    • Progear frame 
    • Bolle frame 
    • Morriz of Sweden 
    • Morriz of Sweden wide
    • Blues
    • Soul


    Interested in purchasing these loupes? 

    We pride ourselves on providing a highly customized solution for your ergonomic loupe needs, please reach out to us to provide us with your exact location and we will connect you with one of our local experts to custom fit your new loupes. 

    • 2.5x | Morriz of Sweden

      The best choice for general dental treatment - affords sufficient magnification, without decreasing the focal depth, while allowing a comparatively wide field of vision. 

    • 2.7x | Morriz of Sweden

      Easy to adjust to and wear all day. Developed to allow a generous field of vision with lightweight comfort. Due to its compact size, additional viewing space is available above the telescope, making it easier to read charts and consult with patients. 

    • 3.2x | Jazz Frame

      Recommended for microsurgery. This higher degree of magnification provides a more detailed, high-resolution view of a microscopic area.

    For inquiries or to purchase please contact us:

    P: 1-844-ANDAU88