Ergo Loupes 3.0x - 7.5x
  • Ergo Loupes 3.0x - 7.5x

    The Ergo is a new and innovative line of loupes from ADMETEC, offering the latest advancement in ergonomics and optics for clinicians.  These high quality loupes enable surgeons, dentists and hygienists the ability to sit virtually straight up while viewing the working field.  This ensures good posture and better ergonomics while treating patients through repetitive movement.  The Ergo is high quality, high fashion and light weight. 


    Available in the following maginfications:

    • 3.0x
    • 4.0x
    • 5.0x
    • 6.0x
    • 7.5x


    Interested in purchasing these loupes? 

    We pride ourselves on providing a highly customized solution for your ergonomic loupe needs, please reach out to us to provide us with your exact location and we will connect you with one of our local experts to custom fit your new loupes. 


      For inquiries or to purchase please contact us:

      P: 1-844-ANDAU88