ACT - Aerosol Containment Tent
  • ACT - Aerosol Containment Tent

    Portable Negative Pressure for Procedures



    • Increase safety during aerosol generating procedures
      • Intubation/Extubation, High Flow O2, BiPAP, CPAP, and BVM Ventilation
    • Increase negative pressure isolation capacity
    • Safely expand non-invasive ventilation usage to avoid ICU admissions
    • Enhanced flexibility in patient placement and temporary facilities
    • Minimize risk of COVID-19 transmission during elective procedures
    • Provide continuity of patient care by avoiding procedure delays and cancellations


    Product Specifications

    • 4 access ports for healthcare provider access
    • Minimum -7.5 Pa pressure differential, meets CSA standards
    • 99.97% efficiency HEPA filter
    • Single-use disposal tent & duct
    • Reusable frame and fan/filter unit
    • Portable fan/filter on wheels
    • Fits standard hospital beds and/or tables


    Ordering Information:


    Order Number: MACH-4005

    ACT Starter Kit

    • 1 Fan and Filter Unit
    • 1 Reusable Frame
    • 25 Disposable Tents
    • 25 Disposable Ducts
    • Adaptors


    Order Code: MACH-4001

    • 25 Disposable Tents


    Order Code: MACH-4004

    • 25 Disposable Ducts


    Parts are available individually, please contact Andau Medical at 1-844-ANDAU88 or for additional information.

      For inquiries or to purchase please contact us:

      P: 1-844-ANDAU88