Admetec Prismatic loupes are ideal for surgeons
who require higher magnification for critical surgical procedures. The prismatic optical system produces a highly detailed image with crisp edge-to-edge clarity and precise colour rendition, which is ideal for intricate surgeries. Admetec Prismatic system’s lenses are treated with an anti-reflective coating to aid in producing the superior image. Aesthetic beauty, perfection of design and acute visual performance, are the unique trademarks of Admetec product. Defined by those very same standards, our prismatic loupes are an exceptional product that combines materials that are strong and lightweight so you can exercise your skills under optimal conditions and focus solely on the task at hand.

Andau Medical is known as “The Ergonomic Company” in the dental market. We focus on providing dentists and hygienists with innovative technologies that support better ergonomics in the clinical setting, enabling our clients to have greater comfort in delivering exceptional patient care. Andau Medical specializes in custom ergonomic loupes + lights, ergonomic dental instruments, among other innovative product lines.


Our Admetec Loupes are a market leader in many countries around the globe and have unique, high-quality, innovative products that offer advantages including ergonomic, light weight, quality products along with the best warranty, service & support in the industry.  


Dentists, Hygienists, and Surgeons
love their Admetec Loupes!


Best Ergonomic Loupes Available

Asset 3.png

Largest Field
of View

Lightest Weight Loupes on the Market

Broadest Range
of Magnification 2.5x-10.0x

Each pair of loupes is manufactured according to personal specifications, including interpupillary distance, working distance, and eyeglass prescription.

Are you in alignment?

An example of good ergonomic posture
Prismatic 4.0x_Jazz_v1.png


Prismatic 4.8x_Morriz_v1.png


Prismatic 5.5x_Morriz_v1.png



What Our Customers Say


" posture has completely changed!"

I absolutely love my new Ergo loupes. I have been experiencing pain in the back of my head, headaches and have been seeing a chiropractor due to my work as a dental hygienist. I got the Ergo loupes and my posture has completely changed! I am facing straight across the room but I can see down in amazing magnification into my patients mouths!...I have never seen any technology that compares to these at all! I would recommend every dental practitioner to invite your local Andau Medical representative to come and let you see them for yourself.

Katherine Lawrie
- Oakville, ON