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Andau Medical is pleased to represent the Medesy Instrument line in the North American market.

Manufactured in Northern Italy, our instruments cover the full spectrum of specialties including SurgeryPeriodonticOrthodonticImplantologyRestorative and Hygiene.

Made from the highest quality 440 grade Italian steel, our instruments have a very long lifespan, so your investment in your instruments goes further .

In addition to providing the market with the highest quality products at a lower cost, we also provide the best service available in the industry through our dedicated sales team servicing our customers in the field and our mail-in program sharpening and repair program.

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Known as the Ergonomic Company, Andau provides the market with the most advanced ergonomic solutions.

Our new Levante Ergo instruments are a core part of our ergonomic offering. This collection was designed by Pininfarina, an Italian design-house renowned for their exquisite design where form meets function. You may be familiar with some of their leading-edge designs which include Alfa RomeoFerrari and Maserati cars and the Turin Olympic torch.

The Levante Ergo line was created to provide clinicians with the most ergonomic efficiency in grip, perfectly fitting the hand palm, allowing for both superior form and function. Other companies have attempted to replicate the design but the Levante Ergo line is truly unique in materialsizescalefit and form.

Experience the difference for yourself.



Italian Handcrafted

Cost Effective

Full Instrument Line For All Specialties

600 years of tradition are the utmost guarantee of quality for our customers


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