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How to Take Your Clinical Working Distance


What is a working distance?

The working distance is described as the distance from the loupes to the object being observed. This measurement is required as part of your custom fitting.


It is recommended that you take the measurement in a clinical setting with a patient or a coworker.

1. Position yourself comfortably in the 12 o’clock position

2. It is important to sit in an ideal posture as this is the posture you will be using when wearing the loupes

3. Place arms at a 90° angle

4. Tuck elbows close to your body

5. Look down at the patient's mouth - using a mirror and explorer can be helpful

6. Raise your head up in a neutral position, looking straight ahead **very important

7. Take the measurement from the outer corner of your eye to the corner of the patient's mouth

8. Please provide this measurement in inches

Measuring for Your Ergo Loupes (1).png

How to Take Your Pupillary Distance Photos


Please take several photos and email them to your Territory Manager.

A measuring frame will be provided to you by Andau Medical.


  • Place the measuring frame level and snug against the bridge of your nose

  • The pictures must be taken at a distance of 40 cm

  • Remove your mask​

  • Ensure ears are visible / hair pulled back

  • Look directly at the camera

  • Position the camera level with the eyes. You should not see the bottom surface or top surface of the arms of the measuring frames

  • Do not use a flash. Avoid glare by taking photos in a room without windows or bright lights

  • Position your chin level​ correctly - not too high or too low

  • Symmetrical/Centred​ – position the camera parallel to the measuring frame


We'd like to show you examples of a GOOD photo and THINGS TO AVOID

Good Photos


THINGS TO AVOID when taking your photos

Not Good_measuring frame
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