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Automatic inventory management and re-order of medical supplies in any healthcare setting

We have a variety of solutions for all your medical supply inventory management needs. IDENTI's patent-protected RFID technologies — powered by artificial intelligence management software

  • Simple, highly efficient method to automate inventory management and re-order medical supplies

  • Provides materials managers with easy replenishment that is automatically documented

  • Lower costs and reduce complexity

  • Accelerate lean management performance with IDENTI Platform cloud-based software


  • A one-time 40% reduction in supply room inventory for medical supplies

  • Accurate consignment and reduced management costs

  • Balanced inventory — no emergency orders or stock-outs

  • Accurate consignment and reduced management costs

  • Digital, real-time order status display

  • Automatic identification of the staff

  • Reduced human error and waste caused by manual counting

  • Support for several types of storage areas, including "two-bin" lean Kanban configuration and PAR level

A wireless and portable smart scale with a digital display that automatically creates an inventory order according to the weight of the items inside the bin. 

This “hands-free” solution provides real-time data about the inventory level inside the bin for quick stock replenishment. Ward staff can see the order status on the bin display. If a new product is stored in the bin, the digital display tag can be updated without the need to change a label.


The Smart Weighing Bin is connected via RFID to the IDENTI Platform AI Management Software, which interfaces with the hospital ERP system or with a third-party supplier. Available in three sizes depending on the size of the product, and because it is wireless it can be easily moved to wherever required.

NEW! The Wireless PAR Weighing Bin

Weight-based Inventory Management System

How It Works


01: An RFID-based device is attached to each bin in the warehouse or on the production floor. Support both PAR and kanban for healthcare

02: When the bin is empty, the ward triggers a re-order.

03: The stock level information is then recorded and captured in the IDENTI Platform management software, enabling all supply chain stakeholders to be updated in real-time.

04: The automatic notification, which includes item quantity and location, is sent directly to the supplier’s ERP for easy replenishment.

05: The system displays the status of the order.

06: After the replenishment supply is delivered, by central storage employees or directly from the supplier, the material manager records that the re-order is complete, which in turn, updates the ordering system.

07: * Ward staff can report “Out of stock” on the rare occasion of a stock-out and trigger a high-priority delivery.


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