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Andau offers a full-range of Admetec headlights for you to choose from.

The ORCHID models are our most powerful headlights yet. The most recent design update has enhanced the ergonomics and user experience.


Key features include:


·        Extremely lightweight

·        A clear, shadow-free area of high visual acuity

·        Designed for microsurgical procedures

·        Well-matched for our 5x to 10x Loupes

​The Butterfly is the best wireless light available on the market, offering the brightest light with the lightest weight.

Key features include:


·        Wireless – no cords to manage

·        Ergonomic: light and comfortable

·        Easy-to-use magnetic attachment for quick battery changes

·        User-friendly touch controls to change light intensity

All models come with multiple batteries, and all other accessories to enable many hours of uninterrupted work.


Hear from others who have reviewed our products and service on our Review Page.

Brighter. Lighter. ERGONOMIC.


Each pair of loupes is manufactured according to personal specifications, including interpupillary distance, working distance, and eyeglass prescription.


Butterfly - S




Orchid / Orchid - F



Orchid - Ergo


What Our Customers Say

review_ergo 1.jpg

"...the customer service is beyond what you'd expect!"

I’m happy to say that after a month of trial and error and the help of [my Rep] Lynita, the loupes are amazing! They are an excellent price for the innovative technology and the customer service is beyond what you’d expect!...I am so happy I decided to go with these loupes as I know I will get several more years out of my career, thanks to the great ergonomics...I am able to look up straight, while still being able to see a clear, magnified view of the mouth!...My neck and shoulders are already thanking me!

Kristen Fisher
- Calgary, AB

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