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Andau Medical is eager to support you through your next loupe and light purchase. It is our vision to customize our products in order to best address and serve your clinical needs.


Andau Medical has partnered with Admetec, an established market leading loupe + light company. We are very excited to introduce their innovations, offering a variety of Galilean and Prismatic loupe options, including the new Ergo. We also offer a variety of lighting options, including the brightest wireless light on the market.


Why Us:

High Quality, Innovative Technology

Highly Trained and Knowledgeable Territory Managers

Long Term and Attentive Customer Support and Service

No Duty Fees on Delivery

Quick Shipments (3-4 weeks)

100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee

Competitive Pricing

During your product information meeting with one of our knowledgeable Territory Managers, you will have an opportunity to experience the varying loupe and light options, ask and have your questions answered, and if you choose to proceed with an order all the necessary customized measurements will be taken. Customer meetings can be designed to take place in person or virtually.

To ensure we are meeting your needs and producing fully functional loupes with high quality visibility, results of a recent eye exam from within the last 12 months must be provided. Once the results have been received, it can be determined whether a prescription is required within the ocular. If Admetec (the manufacturer) has determined a prescription must be placed in the ocular (and external lens, if requested by the customer) your Territory Manager will reach out to discuss your options for further customization. In preparing for your meeting having your recent eye exam results expedites this process.

Thank you for entrusting Andau Medical! We look forward to supporting your immediate loupe + light needs, as well as those in your future.