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Ergonomic Cord Management

CordEze is an ergonomic wristband designed to support the cords you work with each day. This Innovative cord management system takes pressure off your wrists, reducing cord drag, fatigue and potential strain.

This solution will allow you to feel cordless, so you can do your work with improved comfort and efficacy.

Andau's Duo Pack includes two essential CordEze products - the Classic and the Pivot to suit all of your cord management needs.

Key features include:
  • Improved clinical efficacy and comfort
  • Reduced hand fatigue, pain and strain
  • Enhanced work efficiency​
  • Less work absences and extended career longevity
  • Better cord management
  • OSHA approved for safety
CordEze is award winning and comes with an ADHA Research Commendation, an IADR Research Commendation and is a Cellerant Best in Class Technology
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