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What is the Posiflex difference?

The Posiflex clinical stool is the result of three years of research and clinical studies.

The Free Motion Elbow Supports are designed to follow the natural body movement in order to prevent and reduce back, shoulders and neck muscular tension while doing precision work in a restrained area. Clinical studies have demonstrated that the use of the mobile elbow supports significantly helps reduce the intensity of muscular contraction to the arms and shoulders while favouring a good posture.

  • Made in Canada from high quality materials to offer you comfort and durability

  • Ergonomic oval shaped seat with multiple adjustments (height + angle)

    • Based on a fundamental ergonomic principle which is to allow operator to change position without restricting movements and to favour blood circulation

  • Lumbar support with multiple adjustments

    • Matches the lower back curve (lordosis) to give support at all time during procedures

  • Ultracomfort option

    • Multilayers of firm and viscoelastic foam on seat and back rest to reduce pressure points and increase comfort