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CompuFlo Epidural & CathCheck


The CompuFlo Epidural Instrument offers one of the most meaningful advancements in epidural placement & women’s health since LOR syringes were invented 100 years ago. 
The CompuFlo instrument offers the first objective way to confirm epidural placement and verify true loss of resistance.


CompuFlo Epidural Instrument Benefits

    For the first time, epidural placement is OBJECTIVELY confirmed, supporting current practice which is SUBJECTIVE

    99% success rate for first pass epidural placement using pressure sensing technology and pulsative waveform

    Reduces the risk of complications including dural punctures and wet taps

    Improves pain management of labor
    and delivery patients through CathCheck, which can quickly
    detect catheter migration

    Significantly reduces training time for residents to become proficient in epidural placement and enhances safety for patients during the training period

    Decreases length of stay due to complications and reduces cost to the health system

How It Works

Milestone Studio Shots - Full Res-11.jpg

Anesthesiologists can confirm catheter placement within seconds leading to better patient outcomes