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Simple, effective,
affordable video

  • Airtraq’s channel simplifies ETT insertion reducing intubation time.

  • No stylet needed. Avoids potential injuries. Eliminates stylet costs.

  • 90º shape minimizes hyperextension and reduces force required.

  • Reduces hemodynamic reactivity.

  • Facilitates intubation from any position (face to face, etc.).

  • High intubation success rate in difficult airways.

  • Easier to learn than other v ideo laryngoscopes.


  • Portable. All-in One.

  • Ready to use. Open and Intubate.

  • From Neonates to Adults.


Wi-Fi Camera

  • Video Recording and Auto Recording option

  • Wi-Fi to PC and mobile devices

  • Image rotation enables intubation from any position

 Wi-Fi Camera – Benefits

  • Minimal cost.

  • Light (110 grams) and Impact Resistant.

  • Attachable to any Airtraq. Automatic Power On (3 seconds).

  • Integrated 2.8” touch panel with 180º image rotation option.

  • Video Recording with Auto-Recording option.

  • Video Playback on screen and downloadable videos to PC.

  • Wi-Fi connection to PC’s and phones/tablets. “Airtraq Cam” App must be installed in every device.

  • Operating time (fully recharged battery): Up to 240 minutes.

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