Aerosol Containment Tent™

Portable Negative Pressure for Procedures

The ACT is the only portable negative pressure unit on the market that enables clinicians to perform procedures safely while the patient is contained under validated negative pressure. This enables containment of potentially infectious aerosols during Aerosol Generating Medical Procedures (AGMP). The ACT provides critical protection for clinicians conducting life-saving aerosol generating procedures on patients, such as Intubation/Extubation, High Flow O2, BiPAP, CPAP, BVM Ventilation and CPR.


    Increase safety during aerosol generating procedures

    Intubation/Extubation, High Flow O2, BiPAP, CPAP, and BVM Ventilation

    Increase negative pressure isolation capacity

    Safely expand non-invasive ventilation usage to avoid ICU admissions

    Enhanced flexibility in patient placement and temporary facilities

    Minimize risk of COVID-19 transmission during elective procedures

    Provide continuity of patient care by avoiding procedure delays and cancellations


    4 access ports for healthcare provider access

    Minimum -7.5 Pa pressure differential, meets CSA standards

    Over 2000 ACH, far exceeding CSA standards of 20 ACH

    99.97% efficiency HEPA filter

    Single-use disposal tent & duct

    Reusable frame and fan/filter unit

    Portable fan/filter on wheels

    Fits standard hospital beds and/or tables

VIDEO: Dr. Marc Curial discusses why he invented the ACT.​