Our Leadership

Sandi Wright, Founder & CEO of Andau Medical, has an established track record of over 20 years in sales leadership with some of the largest and most recognized global companies in the medical device industry including Nestlé Healthcare Nutrition, Baxter, Cardinal Health and Philips.  Holding a BCom and an MSc in Health Systems Management, Sandi understands each health authority’s technology acquisition process and the importance of establishing value propositions that align to real world clinical needs.  Sales and marketing strategies for each product line are created and enhanced with this knowledge and understanding.  Under Sandi’s leadership Andau Medical is proudly in the business of meeting the needs of our clinicians and driving value-based healthcare.

Darren Beveridge, VP Sales & Business Development, is a senior medical device leader and executive, with significant and broad industry experience. His early career path, starting in pharmaceutical sales and moving rapidly into senior leadership roles in that industry, paved the way for a very fortunate 20 plus years of managerial experience with true global industry and category leaders such as Thermofisher Scientific, Cardinal Health, and Hillrom. He has lead large and diverse teams serving the Laboratory, O.R., University, Government, Group Purchasing Organizations and the Acute Care Hospital spaces, and has extensive personal C-suite experience in all of those areas. In those roles he was fortunate enough to oversee the signing of a number of record breaking company deals and contracts, with his success humbly dictated through honest sincere focus on patients, clinical outcomes, and simple consistent service to valued customers of all types.


Our Values

Sandi’s experience building teams in many diverse environments motivated her to create a vision for Andau Medical that is based on a solid commitment to establishing a people-first culture.  Recognizing that people are critical to the success of the organization, Andau Medical is focused on establishing an environment where individuals are encouraged to be entrepreneurial and empowered.  With personal growth & development as a priority, we are an equal opportunity employer.  We want to foster a community of talent and excellence, which provides a high level of service and a strong commitment to our customers and their patients. 


Our History

Andau Medical is named after the Bridge at Andau which connects Hungary and Austria.  Many families were able to escape over this bridge in 1956 during the Hungarian Revolution to seek refuge and safety, including Sandi Wright’s family.  This historically significant bridge, which also inspired a novel titled “The Bridge at Andau” by James A. Michener, was destroyed in November 1956, just one day after Sandi’s family crossed safely.  The bridge was rebuilt in 1996 as a symbol of tolerance and helpfulness. 


Symbolically, Andau Medical was established under this name to signify the building of bridges between clinical needs and technologies.  We offer our clinicians a bridge to some of the best technologies in the world offered by our innovative manufacturing partners, by way of our knowledgeable and service-oriented sales team.   The bridges we build lead to exceptional patient care and enhanced outcomes at a sustainable price-point for the healthcare system.

The Bridge at Andau in November 1956

The Bridge at Andau Today


Affiliated Organizations

Our sister company, Catalyst4Care, works with start ups that have new technologies. Collaboratively with Andau Medical, we leverage our connections and expertise to develop new markets and commercialize these products that will be game changers in the market.  For more information on Catalyst4Care visit www.catalyst4care.com


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Andau Medical is a Canadian Medical Device and Dental Device company focused on providing the market with quality technologies that improve patient outcomes and enhance the clinical experience in delivering exceptional patient care.


We are a people-first organization where we invest in our team’s personal growth & development. View our current career opportunities here.